Thi Pham APNP E-portfolio

Western Sydney University, Bachelor of Nursing

Continuing professional development

Past short courses

Completed Hand Hygiene and Infection Control Orientation with the ACSQH in March 2018.

Completed First Aid with First Base Training College in April 2016.

I am engaged in continuing workplace training such as Awareness and Inclusion 2018, Cultural Diversity in Ageing 2018, Privacy and Confidentiality 2018, Depression Awareness and Support 2018, Workplace Bullying and Harassment 2018, Elder Abuse, Missing Person and Compulsory Reporting 2018.


I plan to attend the Numeracy for Nursing and Midwifery Workshops as a refresher course in 2019.


The next conference I wish to attend is the Public Health Palliative Care International and the 20th International Mental Health Conference in 2019.

Planned short courses

I plan to enrol in English communication short course - Communication Skills for Health Professionals at WSU Olympic Park to improve my language skill and gain confidence to thrive in the workplace.

I plan to enrol in Occupational English Test for Healthcare professional to improve my professional communication and language skills, in conjunction with writing and clinical communication workshops at WSU.

Further study

Post registration, I wish to undertake a Clinical Nurse Specialist training course at my workplaces and postgraduate study in Master of Health Administration, either at WSU or a suitable institution supported by my workplace educational program.

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